Understanding Ice Damming Insurance Claims: A Centennial Roofing Guide

Home with snow on the ground and ice build up is shown

Are you grappling with ice damming issues on your roof? It’s crucial to grasp how insurance companies assess these situations. While many insurance policies may not cover exterior damages caused by ice damming, Centennial Roofing is here to shed light on navigating this complex landscape.

Insurance Perspective on Ice Damming:

Insurance companies often classify ice damming as a result of gradual and preventable issues rather than “sudden and accidental damage.” This categorization can lead to challenges in obtaining coverage for the exterior damages caused by ice dams.

Interior vs. Exterior Damages:

While exterior damages may not be covered, insurance policies typically extend coverage to interior damages resulting from ice damming. Water intrusion into your home can lead to issues such as damaged ceilings, walls, and insulation, and insurance is more likely to cover these repairs.

Centennial Roofing’s Role:

Centennial Roofing plays a vital role in navigating these complexities. Our experts assess the situation, examining if there are extenuating circumstances, such as storm-created openings, which may qualify for insurance coverage. We work closely with homeowners to ensure that both interior and exterior damages are thoroughly examined for potential claims.

Meeting with Adjusters:

Our team collaborates with insurance adjusters to provide a comprehensive overview of the damages. It’s crucial to have Centennial Roofing on your side during these meetings to advocate for your interests and maximize the chances of obtaining coverage.

Don’t let ice damming become a financial burden.

Trust Centennial Roofing to evaluate the situation, explore potential insurance coverage, and ensure a thorough examination of damages.

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