The Damage to Your Roof Can Be as Different as The Families That Call the House Home

Roofing tar pager shown all rolled up.

Roof or property damage and insurance adjusters often go hand in hand. Typically, with the adjuster determining the extent of damage and what, if anything, the insurance company will cover financially. The subjectivity of this process can lead to confusion and dissatisfaction for homeowners. While an adjuster may have years of experience and training, they may still miss critical damage that could result in significant problems down the road. Centennial Roofing preforms roofing inspections after storm events to help property owners determine the necessary work required as well as assist in the insurance process for advocating on behalf of the property owner with the insurance company.

It is crucial to understand that an insurance adjuster’s primary goal is to assess the damage and determine the cost to repair it. In many cases, they may be under time constraints and pressure from the insurance company to keep costs low. This can result in an adjuster missing damage or underestimating the cost of repairs which is why it is crucial for you, a property owner to have someone on your side protecting what is likely your biggest investment.

To ensure that you are getting a fair assessment of the damage to your roof, it is a good idea to get a second opinion from a HAAG Certified Inspector, like Centennial Roofing (HCI# 201406207). We have gone through specific training to identify and assess hail and wind damage to roofs. We have the experience and expertise necessary to determine the extent of damage that may have been missed by the insurance adjuster.

An adjuster may be unable to fully inspect the damage if there is a steeper or taller roof involved, making it difficult to determine the extent of damage. This is why it is essential to have an experienced roofer on your side providing a second opinion who can get a closer look at the roof and identify any damage that may have been missed or minimized.

While insurance adjusters play a critical role in a property damage claim, the subjectivity of the process can lead to confusion and dissatisfaction for homeowners. If you suspect that your adjuster may have missed damage or if you simply want peace of mind, call Centennial Roofing to ensure that you receive a fair assessment of the damage, that your insurance company covers all necessary repairs and to begin restoration of your roof.

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