Maintaining Your Sanctuary: The Importance of Annual Roof Inspections

When it comes to protecting your home from unexpected roofing problems, Centennial Roofing knows that annual roof inspections are a must. Your roof, although often overlooked, is a critical component of your home’s integrity. It’s your first line of defense against nature’s elements, from rain and snow to the scorching sun. Over time, wear and […]

Solidly Sheathed Decking: The Foundation of a Reliable Roof

A home with roof decking is shown as it is under repairs

When it comes to roofing, what lies beneath the shingles or roofing material is just as critical as what’s on top. We’re talking about the decking, the foundation that supports your roof. In the past, many buildings, both residential and commercial, used nominal lumber like 1x4s or 1x6s as roof decking. While this method was […]