Understanding Ordinance and Law Coverage in Property Insurance Claims

Roofer looking at a gutter alignment

In the aftermath of a destructive storm, property owners often find themselves dealing with extensive damage and the need for repairs. However, merely replacing the damaged components may not be sufficient to comply with the current building codes. This is where ordinance and law coverage in property insurance claims, also known as code upgrades, becomes […]

Hidden Costs of Deferred Maintenance vs. Storm Damage in Insurance Claims

As a property owner, it’s crucial to understand the distinctions between deferred maintenance and storm-damaged property when it comes to insurance claims. At Centennial Roofing, we believe in helping our clients make informed decisions, so let’s explore the critical differences and why proper property maintenance is vital to avoid unexpected expenses and ensure comprehensive coverage. […]

The Hidden Costs of Deferred Maintenance vs. Storm-Damaged Property in Insurance Claims

Gutter rotting off of roof line.

When it comes to property insurance claims, understanding the distinction between deferred maintenance and storm-damaged property is crucial. Insurance policies typically cover sudden and accidental damage caused by storms, but they often exclude damage resulting from long-term neglect or gradual deterioration. Let’s delve into this topic and shed light on what insurance companies cover and […]

Understanding Replacement Cost in Property Insurance Claims

When it comes to property insurance claims, many insurance carriers operate on a replacement cost basis. This means that in the event of a covered loss, the insurance company will pay the actual cash value of the damaged property minus depreciation. It’s essential to understand the language associated with this process to ensure a smooth […]

Discontinued Shingles Leave Their Mark on Homeowners Repairs

Closeup view of a Hammer and nailing a shingle

Asphalt shingles are a popular roofing material choice among homeowners in the Nashville area due to their affordability, durability, and ease of installation. However, many manufacturers have discontinued several product lines over the years, including the most popular ones such as GAF, Owens Corning, CertainTeed, Atlas, Tamko, and others. This can create a headache for […]

The Damage to Your Roof Can Be as Different as The Families That Call the House Home

Roofing tar pager shown all rolled up.

Roof or property damage and insurance adjusters often go hand in hand. Typically, with the adjuster determining the extent of damage and what, if anything, the insurance company will cover financially. The subjectivity of this process can lead to confusion and dissatisfaction for homeowners. While an adjuster may have years of experience and training, they […]

Centennial Roofing Provides High-Quality Roofing Services Throughout the Southeast

A damaged roof is a damaged house; missing shingles, torn flashing, and unstable under-layers are not things that homeowners can safely ignore. If your home needs repairs or a replacement, count on Centennial Roofing for high-quality work and the best materials. If you’re building a house, we will design and install a roof that fits […]

Roofing: Considering a Metal Roof? Try Us!

Have you been thinking about replacing your shingle roof with a metal roofing system? Are you building a new house and considering a roof that will resist most weather damage? Centennial Roofing is a local leader in the design, installation, and maintenance of metal roofs. Call us at 615-278-6600 to learn more. We are an […]

Centennial Roofing: Our Number One Goal is Your Complete Satisfaction

Centennial Roofing is a trusted leader for the full range of roofing services in Music City, USA (Nashville, TN), Davidson County, middle Tennessee, and beyond. We provide top-quality inspections, maintenance, replacement, design, and installation. We have earned A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau, and we have accreditation from the relevant building and roofing associations. […]