Storm Damage: The Effects on TPO Roofing Membrane on Tennessee Homes

Flat roof show with Thermo Plastic roofing membrane shown.

Storms can cause significant damage to roofs, especially those made of TPO (Thermo-Plastic Olefin) roofing membrane. TPO is a popular roofing material due to its durability, energy efficiency, and affordability. Like any roofing material, TPO roofs can be impacted by wind and hail damage during a storm. Roof Damage Caused by Strong Winds High winds […]

All Hail is Not Created Equal – All Roofers are Not Created Equal

Many people believe that all hail is the same, but that’s not the case. The size of hail is not the only factor to consider when evaluating the potential for damage to your roof. The density of hail is also important, as it and the size determine the damage it will cause to roofing and […]

What To Do When Hail Causes Damage On Newer Asphalt Roof Shingles?

Roofer installing Asphalt roof Shingles shown.

After investing money and time into putting on a new roof and adding asphalt shingles the idea of anything causing them damage is frustrating but a reality to living in the south where we experience extreme weather often. Hail damage to newer asphalt shingles is a common issue that homeowners face after a hailstorm. While […]