Storm Damage is Not Always Obvious. Call Centennial Roofing for a Free Inspection

Storm damage to the roof is not always as obvious as ripped gutters or missing shingles. If a storm has battered other homes in or around your Middle Tennessee home, call the trained inspectors at Centennial Roofing: 615-278-6600. Our highly skilled inspectors work with our in-house insurance analysts, so if your home does have roof damage, we’ll work with your insurance company to ensure that your home gets the repairs or replacement it needs. Every hour that your home endures roof damage increases the chances that extensive water or debris will infiltrate your home and cause even more extensive damage to your home. Count on us to protect your property from further damage and guide your claims through the insurance process. We make repairs – and even build replacements – quickly and with excellence. Call us to schedule a free inspection.

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Don’t wait for the damage to become obvious. If your neighbors are suffering from roof damage after the most recent storm, use that as a hint to request a free inspection.

Inspections that you can do on your own include looking for:

  • Chunks of hail – if you see clumps of hail on your property or have a dimpled car after the storm, then hail damage to your roof is possible
  • Visible dents – step into your yard or look out from an upper-story window to check whether you can see dents in the roof
  • Dark spots – heavy winds can tear off shingles, revealing the dark underlayer that is part of the roofing system
  • Shingles on the lawn – another sign of missing shingles is that shingles are near the roof, but they are not on it
  • Cracked shingles – you might see cracks from a casual inspection (we recommend that you do not go on the roof without the professional safety training and equipment we have)
  • Damage to siding or gutters – if there’s damage to one part of your home, there may well be damage to the roof
  • Interior damage – dark spots (water) on the ceiling or down the walls show that water is getting in somehow, and that “somehow” is the roof

Our inspectors have specialized training and equipment, so we can see what you might be unable to find. We also have safety equipment.

We will:

  • Examine the roofing materials (shingles, metal plates, under-layers, etc.) for weakness, rips, soft spots, and other kinds of damage
  • Measure rot or mold, algae, and microbial growth
  • Look for holes, cracks, soft spots
  • Examine the attic for damage
  • Check the ceilings and walls for soft spots or cold areas

Centennial Roofing is part of Middle Tennessee; we want the best for our neighbors. Call us at 615-278-6600 to schedule an accredited, free inspection.

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