Should I Have My Slate Roof Inspected in Mount Juliet?

A slate roof is shown.

Centennial Roofing employs a team of qualified and licensed roofing professionals who can inspect your slate roof, provide a detailed report of your roof’s condition, advise you of any damage, and make repairs as needed. Here are some common questions about slate roofs:

Can I walk on my slate roof?

No. Walking on slate roof tiles will crack or damage them, so professional roofers use special ladders to avoid stepping directly on the slate tiles.

How long have slate roofs been in use?

In the United States, slate has been in use since the 1600s.

Are there different types of slate roofs?

Slate roofs come in various styles, shapes, and colors that can be divided into two basic types: hard slate and soft slate. Hard slate roofs can last anywhere from 75 to 200 years, and soft slate roofs last from 50 to 125 years.

An experienced roofing company, like Centennial Roofing, can inspect your slate roof, tell you whether it is made of hard or soft slate, and advise you of your options for repair or replacement.

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