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Metal roofs are sustainable, resilient, durable, and surprisingly light weight. Contact Centennial Roofing for more information.

Have you been thinking about replacing your shingle roof with a metal roofing system? Are you building a new house and considering a roof that will resist most weather damage? Centennial Roofing is a local leader in the design, installation, and maintenance of metal roofs. Call us at 615-278-6600 to learn more. We are an experienced, highly regarded roofing company that installs roofs that are built to last. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our number one goal is your complete satisfaction. Our office is on the banks of the Cumberland River in Mount Juliet, TN – just a blink away from Nashville – Music City, USA – and conveniently located for residential and commercial owners in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Kentucky. At Centennial Roofing, our number one goal is your complete satisfaction.

  • Design, installation, repairs, maintenance
  • Free estimates
  • Post-storm inspections
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Part of the Metro- Nashville community, we also serve communities in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and Georgia
  • In-house licensed insurance adjusters, designers, and roofing professionals
  • Open Mondays-Saturdays, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Trusted, professional, experienced
  • Aesthetically superior, high-performance, durable roofs
  • Repairs or replacement
  • Asphalt, slate, wood shake, metal, tile…
  • We protect your roof to protect your structure
  • Professional and courteous
  • Work closely with your insurance company
  • Work with you on all your roofing needs

Lead and copper have been part of roofing systems for thousands of years (yes, thousands!), with builders in India, Rome, and Northern Europe using these materials before recorded history. A metal roof can last up to 100 years, making it less expensive than asphalt shingles in the long term. With proper maintenance, these roofs can last much longer. One copper roof protected the castle that Shakespeare described in Hamlet; it was installed in 1585 and renovated in 2009. Centennial Roofing can’t promise that your home will be immortalized in drama, but we can promise that your roof will be durable, attractive, and cost-effective.

Centennial Roofing is a Leading Provider of Roofing Systems: 615-278-6600

Metal Roofing Systems:

  • Consist of large interlocking panels
  • Reduce the risk of water intrusion
  • Resist hurricanes and tornadoes far better than asphalt shingles
  • Guard against temperature fluctuations – important in a region where over half the days are at extreme temperatures (above 85 degrees or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit) and there are frequently weeks that have more than one season’s typical weather)
  • Withstand heavy loads of ice, snow, and debris
  • Resist punctures from hail
  • Reduce utility bills
  • Come in a variety of styles to fit every house
  • Can mimic the appearance of tiles (including slate, asphalt, or wood) – or you can go with vertical panels for a more unusual look
  • Are light and strong
  • Are durable
  • Are environmentally friendly

Talk to our Centennial Roofing professionals at 615-278-6600; we’re happy to answer any questions.

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