Is Your Roof and Chimney Santa-Ready in Forest Hills?

Santa and his reindeer take off from a rooftop after delivering Christmas gifts.

Centennial Roofing wishes everyone in Middle Tennessee happy holidays! We have been inspecting, repairing, and replacing residential roofing systems in Forest Hills for many years. Our team of qualified and licensed roofing professionals can inspect your roof, provide a detailed report of your roof’s condition, advise you of any damage, and make repairs as needed. Santa’s sleigh will be landing on your roof soon, so now is a good time to fortify your roof to accommodate Santa’s sleigh and reindeer!

Fortify Your Roof

Be prepared for inclement weather by making sure your roof is storm-ready. Re-adhere any loose shingles and consider impact-resistant shingles when installing a roof. Install roof strappings to anchor the roof framing to the wall framings so the wind can’t lift your roof off your house.

Is your chimney in good working order and ready for Santa’s Use?

Inspect your chimney for twigs, leaves, and animal nests that may be inside your chimney. Check to make sure your chimney has the proper ventilation. If the chimney’s flashing is coming away from the base or you see noticeable water leaks, your chimney may be compromised.

Call Us Today!

Centennial Roofing specializes in residential and commercial roofing repair and replacement in Forest Hills. If you need a roof inspection, we can help. We are fully licensed general contractors (Lic.#68585) and hold the coveted highest A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Our team of licensed insurance adjusters and independently certified roof inspectors are waiting to assist you. Call us today at (615) 278-6600.

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