Is My Roof’s Fascia Rotted in Franklin?

Damaged fascia on a roof is shown.

Centennial Roofing has been inspecting, repairing, and replacing residential roofing in Franklin for many years. Our team of qualified and licensed roofing professionals can inspect your roof, provide a detailed report of your roof’s condition, advise you of any damage, and make repairs as needed.

What is roof fascia?

One part of your roofing system is a barrier to moisture getting inside the roof. The “fascia” describes the boards that run along a roof’s overhang, making your roof look finished. The fascia attaches to the end of the roof’s rafters, and your gutter sits at the top of the fascia board.

What causes rotted fascia?

An ineffective or improperly installed gutter system is the most common cause of damaged fascia boards and rot. Instead of taking water away from the structure, water sits and rots the wood over time.

How can I tell if my fascia is damaged?

One way to tell is the poke a screwdriver or icepick into the fascia. If it is solid, the fascia is still sound. If the screwdriver goes through the wood, the wood is getting soft.

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