How Often Does My Commercial Roof Need Maintenance and Inspection in Nashville?

A roofer is repairing a metal sheet roof on a commercial building.

Routine inspections and maintenance of your commercial roofing systems can significantly impact your roof’s overall longevity and performance. Professional roof inspections should be scheduled annually and will help you understand what condition your roof is in and will identify any potential roof damage or leaks before they become more extensive and costly repairs. Annual roof inspections are also an excellent time to revisit past repairs and see how they are holding up.

Our team of independently certified roof inspectors at Centennial Roofing is ready to assist Nashville business owners with all their roofing needs. Aside from annual inspections, your commercial roof should be inspected after any significant weather event so emergency mitigation and all necessary repairs can be done. We are certified to install, maintain, repair, and replace steep-slope and low-slope roofing systems for any commercial application, including asphalt, metal, slate, tile roofing, EPDM, PVC, and TPO roofing.

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Centennial Roofing specializes in commercial and residential roofing repair and replacement in Nashville. We conduct annual roofing inspections and will advise you on the condition of your roof and make any repairs as needed. We are fully licensed general contractors (Lic.#68585) and hold the coveted highest A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Our team of licensed insurance adjusters and independently certified roof inspectors are waiting to assist you. Call us today at (615) 278-6600.

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