How Can I Protect My Commercial Roof From Heavy Rain in Nashville?

A newly sealed commercial low-slope roof is shown.

The weather in Nashville is unpredictable and can wreak havoc on roofs. Businesses can rely on Centennial Roofing’s team of licensed professionals to recommend the best options for repairing commercial roofs. The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety for protecting your business from heavy rain:

Inspect roof drains

Check for and repair cracks around roof drains.

Check for water

Check for long-term standing water in gutters and correct any blockages. If there are no blockages, but standing water still occurs, ensure the gutter is sloped adequately to the downspout.

Check the slope of the roof cover system

For low-sloped roofs, ensure the slope of the roof cover system and the insulation boards divert water to internal drains when present or to the edge of the roof. Long-term standing water is an indication of an improper slope.

Check Air Conditioner drains

Ensure all roof-mounted air conditioning drain lines funnel water to a drain.

Check downspouts

Ensure downspouts funnel water away from the building and do not allow water to accumulate near the building’s perimeter.

Up-size gutters

When replacing gutters, consider larger-sized gutters which allow for greater flow.

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