Fly by Night Storm Chasing Roofers Take Advantage of Nashville Area Homeowners

Closeup of hands fixing timbers on roof repair.

Fly-by-night roofing companies often operate in a specific area only for a short period of time. They are often opportunistic and unscrupulous and take advantage of the chaos that follows a large storm, leaving unsuspecting homeowners with substandard workmanship and no warranty to back it up. It’s common for these companies to come into a community from out of town, selling their roofing services door-to-door, and then leave once the work is completed, without providing the quality of work and service that the homeowner deserves and needs.

The aftermath of a large storm can be overwhelming for homeowners, especially when it comes to repairing their damaged roofs. Unqualified and inexperienced fly-by-night roofers capitalize on this situation and prey on the vulnerability of homeowners who find themselves in a desperate situation. They often offer quick and cheap fixes, but the work is often shoddy and may not meet building codes or insurance requirements. This type of work can cause even more damage to the home, and homeowners can end up spending more money fixing the shoddy work than they would have if they had hired a reputable contractor in the first place and often leaves a bad taste in the mouths of homeowners who have been swindled.

The consequences of hiring an underqualified or inexperienced roofing company can be severe, not only financially but also in terms of safety. Faulty roofing installations can lead to severe water damage and even pose a risk of injury to the occupants of the home. Moreover, if the insurance company determines that the roof work was not done correctly, it may refuse to cover any future damages, leaving the homeowner to pay for the repairs out of pocket.

To avoid falling victim to fly-by-night roofers, homeowners must do their due diligence. It’s essential to check the Better Business Bureau and Google Reviews for information on these companies that are knocking on doors selling roofs. A good roofing company, such as Centennial Roofing will have a solid reputation to maintain, that you can easily judge based on their Google reviews. Centennial Roofing is licensed and insured, meaning we continue to meet minimum safety and quality work standards.

Homeowners should do their own research before hiring a roofing company and avoid falling prey to these unscrupulous contractors. By doing so, they can ensure that they get the quality work and service that they deserve, like that of Centennial Roofing.

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