Decoding Hail Damage: Understanding the Nuances for Property Insurance Claims

Roof shown with hail on it

As a homeowner, the aftermath of a hailstorm can leave you grappling with the complexities of property damage. At Centennial Roofing, we want to shed light on the distinction between functional and cosmetic damage, especially concerning property insurance claims.

When it comes to hail, it’s crucial to understand that not all damage is equal. Take gutters and fascia, for instance. Hail damage to these elements is often cosmetic since aluminum doesn’t rust. However, the good news is that even cosmetic damages are typically covered in a hail damage claim, unless explicitly excluded in your policy. This principle extends to roofing, exterior paint, and other exterior components.

Knowing the specifics of your property insurance policy is paramount. It’s not just about what is damaged but understanding what your policy includes and excludes. Many policies cover cosmetic damages to ensure that your home maintains its aesthetic appeal despite the weather’s onslaught. However, assumptions can be risky, and that’s why a proactive approach is crucial.

Always consult your insurance agent to ascertain if your policy includes cosmetic damages to exterior items. This simple step can save you from unexpected expenses and hassles when navigating the claims process.

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