Centennial Roofing is a Great Choice for Post-Storm Roof Repairs or Replacement

Don’t wait for the next storm to learn whether the most recent storm has damaged your roof. Call us — Centennial Roofing – for a free, thorough, licensed, and bonded assessment. We have the experience, skills, and safety training to find damage that you can’t. We also have the integrity to let you know when your roof survived the latest torrential onslaught without incident. We’re available six (6) days a week at 615-278-6600, and you can always email our owner/operator at ty@builtbycentennial.com.


  • Rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau
  • Protect your roof to protect your home
  • In-house licensed insurance adjusters
  • Designers will help you realize your dream if you need a new roof
  • Certified to install, maintain, repair, and replace a variety of roof types
  • Work efficiently to restore your home to pre-storm-damage conditions
  • We bill your insurance company directly
  • Work with you and your insurance company to keep the project within a reasonable budget
  • Professional accreditation: International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI®)
  • Conveniently located in Mount Juliet, TN
  • Serve not just Middle TN, but Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky

Even without a disaster such as a tornado, the average lifespan of a roof is significantly less than that of a house. Keeping your roof in good repair is an important part of keeping your house safe, clean, and comfortable.

Call Centennial Roofing at 615-278-6600. We’ll handle all facets of roof care after storms.

If you see roof shingles in the yard after a storm, or you notice gaps in the flashing or debris in your roof, then you can be confident that there is at least a small amount of roof damage.

You cannot, however, be sure that there is no roof damage if you don’t see any obvious problems because not all damage is obvious.

Water can get under loose flashing and tiles, which causes damage to the underlayers or even to the roof beams.

When you call Centennial Roofing to perform a roof inspection, expect the assessment to take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the type of roof, its size, and other conditions.

We will look for and at:

  • Obvious signs of damage, such as shingles and flashing that are missing or torn, holes in the roof, ripped or missing gutters
  • Indoor leaks
  • Streaks of mold, algae, lichen, or fire damage
  • Conditions of the chimney, soffits, gutters, skylight (if any)
  • The underside of the roof (from the attic)
  • Drainage patterns around the roof and gutters
  • Sidewalls and dormers

Our Centennial Roofing is in business to make your home safer by making sure the roof is intact. Call us at 615-278-6600 for assessment, repairs, or replacement.

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