The Shifting Weather Patterns and Unseen Roof Damage: Protecting Your Home in Middle Tennessee and the Southeast

Shown roof damage shingles ripped off due to storm damage.

Over the past several years, weather patterns across Middle Tennessee and the Southeast have undergone a significant shift, leading to an alarming increase in violent storms. These storms, characterized by intense winds, heavy rainfall, and occasional tornadoes, have wreaked havoc on communities, causing widespread damage to homes and infrastructure. One of the critical areas that […]

You Have Wind Damage to Your Asphalt Roof Shingles, Now What?

Are you looking for a solution to wind damage to your asphalt shingles? You are not alone! Many homeowners experience wind damage to their shingles, which can leave their roof vulnerable to leaks and further damage. In this video, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of repairing the shingles by patching vs replacing the affected […]

What To Do When Hail Causes Damage On Newer Asphalt Roof Shingles?

Roofer installing Asphalt roof Shingles shown.

After investing money and time into putting on a new roof and adding asphalt shingles the idea of anything causing them damage is frustrating but a reality to living in the south where we experience extreme weather often. Hail damage to newer asphalt shingles is a common issue that homeowners face after a hailstorm. While […]

The Damage to Your Roof Can Be as Different as The Families That Call the House Home

Roofing tar pager shown all rolled up.

Roof or property damage and insurance adjusters often go hand in hand. Typically, with the adjuster determining the extent of damage and what, if anything, the insurance company will cover financially. The subjectivity of this process can lead to confusion and dissatisfaction for homeowners. While an adjuster may have years of experience and training, they […]

All Hail is Not Created Equal – All Roofers are Not Created Equal

Rolled up roofing tar paper

Hail damage to roofing and exterior finishes on both residential and commercial property is a common issue that property owners face. While many people believe that all hail is the same, this is not the case. The size of hail is not the only factor to consider when evaluating the potential for damage. The density […]

What Are My Options When a Fire Damages My Roof in Mt. Juliet

A home is shown with significant fire damage to the roof.

If you have significant fire damage, call your insurance company right away! Our team of qualified professionals at Centennial Roofing is standing by to assist you with fire damage, whether you need minor repairs or a full roof replacement. The experience of a home fire can be devastating and stressful. Many structures don’t burn down […]

Is My Roof’s Fascia Rotted in Franklin?

Damaged fascia on a roof is shown.

Centennial Roofing has been inspecting, repairing, and replacing residential roofing in Franklin for many years. Our team of qualified and licensed roofing professionals can inspect your roof, provide a detailed report of your roof’s condition, advise you of any damage, and make repairs as needed. What is roof fascia? One part of your roofing system […]